Dedicated brow services. A patch test is always advised if you have not waxed or tinted within 6 months.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have had Covid 19 or if you have been vaccinated against Covid 19 you will need to be patch tested for any tinting services. You will need to wait for at least two weeks after your vaccine before having a patch test. If you have not had your brows or lashes tinted in six months, you will also need to be patch tested regardless of whether you have used a home tinting kit or not.


Service Price Description
Eyebrow Wax €10 Waxing by an Expert Beauty Therapist
Eyebrow Tint €10 For added definition or to cover greys and eyebrow tint is a very easy add on to any brow wax appointment.
The CityWax Brow €25 Our signature brow treatment. Consultation and assessment, shaping, waxing, tinting, trimming performed by an Expert Brow Artist.
The CityWax Brow & Lip €35 Our signature brow treatment with a lip wax added. Consultation and assessment, shaping, waxing, tinting, trimming performed by an Expert Brow Artist.

Ms Diva Semi Permanent Lashes Price
Ms Cute Full Set – Light Mascara Look €50
Ms Cute Half Set/Refills (within 2-3 wks) €40
Ms Elegant Full Set – Volume Lash Set €75
Ms Elegant Half Set/Refills (within 2-3 weeks) €55
Ms Glamorous Full Set – Full Volume Set €100
Ms Glamorous Half Set/Refills (within 2-3 weeks) €65

Service Price
Dermalogica Face Mapping €10
Dermalogica Express Pro Power Peel 30 Mins €80
Dermalogica Pro Power Peel 60 Mins €140
Dermalogica Pro Skin 30 €30
Dermalogica Pro Skin 60 €75

Service Price
Gelish Colour Hands/Toes €30
Gelish French Hands/Toes €35
Gelish Nail Art Hands/Toes €38
EMI Colour Hands/Toes €35
EMI French Hands/Toes €40
EMI Nail Art Hands/Toes €43
Removal if not applied by us €10
Removal if we applied it €5

94% of clients found our bikini waxing was less painful than anywhere else they had been. Hygiene is paramount to us, and we ensure a completely clean waxing experience for all our customers. Double dipping is the extremely common, unhygienic practice of re-dipping a spatula that has just been used back into the wax pot. We make sure to throw out every spatula as soon as it has made contact with your skin, for safer, more hygienic treatments for our clients. We use the highest quality wax which works with an oil to reduce the pain traditionally associated with waxing. That, coupled with our expert technique, leaves you with the best possible results from your waxing experience.

We recommend a patch test 48 hours beforehand if it is your first time coming to us for any treatment.

For Her

For Him

Description Price Description Price
Bikini €18 1/2 Back €24
Californian €28 Full Back €29
G-String €38 Shoulders €15
Brazilian Basic €40 Full Back & Shoulders €39
Brazilian €45 3/4 Back €30
Hollywood €50 Chest €25
1/2 Leg (incl. feet & toes) €22 Abdomen €15
1/4 Leg – Inner Thigh €15 Chest and Abdomen €29
3/4 Leg (incl. feet & toes) €28 1/2 Leg (incl. feet & toes) €22
Full Leg (incl. feet & toes) €34 Full Leg (incl. feet & toes) €34
Arms (incl. hands) €21 Arms (inc. hands) €21
1/2 Arm €11 1/2 Arm (incl. hands) €11
Underarms €15 Underarms €15
Lip €10 Neck €15
Chin €10 Ears €10
Nose €10 Nose €10
Sides of Face €15 Bum Cheeks €15
Neckline €12
Toes €10
Bum €15

Nipples €10
Abdomen €15
Navel Line €10
Lower/Upper Back €15
Full Back €30
Shoulders €15